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27,032 active owner financed listings in most US cities.

Owner Financing Forms

Owner Financing Forms  

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How are we different and why subscription access?

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What goes into our search...

We constantly track:
over 3,000,000 of total listings
over 68,000 sellers and agents
over 20,000 websites
over 27,000 seller financed listings

Our system goes through millions of total listings, retrieves only the listings with owner financing, discards the rest, sorts the listings by location and price, then presents final results to potential buyers in a simplified format with a link to the full details on the seller or agent website.

We guarantee that information is fresh. We are the only search engine for owner financed real estate! Our closest competitor has a few hundred seller financed listings that are mostly outdated.
The problem: it was next to impossible to search and segregate listings where sellers are offering owner financing--until now.

SellFinanced.com is the solution! We are not just another website with outdated or "dummy" listings. We are the advanced search engine for owner financed real estate and resources. In addition to showing listings posted on our site (internal listings) we perform real time advanced searches by scoring the internet, retrieving listings with seller financing terms, and presenting combined results for a given location.

All listings are up to date so as soon as the seller marks their property pending or sold it is reflected on our site immediately since we retrieve all listings in real time.

What's the catch? It costs money to constantly update the ever changing data and keep up with 20,000+ sites that syndicate owner financed property listings. To offset some of these costs we place advertisements and charge potential buyers a nominal fee for external listings access only. Think of it as the finder's fee that saves buyers time and aggravation associated with looking through thousands of listings in efforts to locate owner financed properties.

What's the good news? We offer a completely free trial period, so users can even cancel the subscription prior to the first payment. There is no cost to view internal listings from sellers who posted on SellFinanced.com.

Why do we ask for payment information upfront? We are using credit card verification service in order to confirm that you are a legitimate user. We then let you view the listings during the free trial before charging the card. If you cancel within the trial period then there is no charge.

We tried offering the free trial membership without taking the payment information and ended up with thousands of spammer and computer generated accounts. Some of these malicious users attempted to manipulate the system and use other resources from our website.

Even though we have listings in most cities, we first suggest searching our site to make sure we have listings in your area. If we do you can then enter the subscription.


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