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Owner Financing Forms  

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Owner Financing is a Win Win

Help - Owner financing for BUYERS

If you are a home owner, you know what the market is today… unpredictable. You should also know there is a forcase to drop in prices. So for both buyer and seller, it is like buying stock. As Donald Trump, says, "it's always a good time to buy." Honestly, if your in the business or just a consumer or seller, you win some and you lose some. Now if your a buyer that knows what going on today in banking, lets make it simple, it's not easy to get a conventional loan these days. So with all this sad, I will give my professional opinion.

It's a win for a seller right now, because, I think, prices are going to drop based on what is going on; lets see: poor economy, no economic cure in sight, a lot of inventory, difficulty for people to get loans these days and a lot of states are operating at a negative. Now, unless you have a lot of reserves or need income loss for the year, as an owner you may need to realize owner financing or lease with option to buy is a strategy to utilize to create positive cash flow and have another finance option available for buyers who may not be able to qualify or do not have sufficient money to put down. Furthermore with a lease option, this can also allow buyer and owner time to negotiate a fair price and agreed upon conditions and stipulations.

It's a win for a buyer or leasee for the reason it gives flexibility and another option for them to consider, as a person's home is there castle and it doesn't matter if your renting or buying. Since mose people would rather buy, a home owner finace option or lease with option to buy is a great opportunity. Why? According to public data, the average American or couple is either gone through a financial crisis in the last 5 or 6 years, going through one or worried when they will, due to industry shut downs, cutting of staff and no great news in sight in regards to our economy improving anytime soon. In fact most Economist warn of potential recession trend or potential depression. If you remember we almost experienced a federal goverment shut down due to the Blue and Red in Congress not agreeing on a budget just a few weeks ago. As this shut down would of impacted the people in most need: the elederly, people with disabilities and a lot of goverment employees. Globally economies are folding, take: Greece, now Italy and a lot more countries holding on, as our credit standing has been reduced for the first time in our history. We have China knocking on our door to replace us as the Economic super power, just ask Coke who has committed to a 2 Billion dollar investment in China? Your going to see your power house companies from the US invest billions in China and India versus here in the states. Why because the huge profits are in countries where you can get cheap labor and a huge potential market, which China and India have a population approaching 2 billion. So don't expect a lot of companies here to start any huge manufacturing here in the states any time soon. So with that being said there are a lot of buyers who cannot qualify right now, so home owner finance and lease with option to buy become a great option right now.

It is always recommended for both parties to seek an experienced Realtor or attorney to protact each party and limit potential liabilities or misunderstandings. I think it is good to have clauses such as mediation to be utilized and stipulations for both parties to exit purchase and spell out what happens as it relates to lease. These type of transactions are done all the time, which is good for especially the consumer, as Real Estate law is intended for the protection of consumers. In closing, it's always a good time to buy, as good is determined by each person. For some this means: getting a property at a good price, affordable monthly price or just the house you may have always dreamed of having and now can due to home owner financing or lease with option to buy.

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