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I have always enjoyed excellent credit, and currently I am suffering because of a "binding arbitration" clause in a home buyer's warranty. I wanted to share a little of my story for up coming home owners that may want to know what to avoid in home warranty contracts.
I bought a home from a seller/builder that had placed the home up for sale a 1.5 yrs before I looked into buying the home. It came with a nice home buyer's warranty that thought would help me if something would go wrong with the structure of the house. I closed on the loan, and lived in the home for 2 weeks, before my children and I were sick from contaminated water from the well. In less than 30 days after closing, the sewage backed up into my laundry room and flooded the kitchen area. I found out that the seller/builder never did a soil test, and the local county and state health inspectors approved the home without a soil test on the land. The home was uninhabitable in only 30 days...a lemon. I attempted to litigate and sue the seller/builder, but was forced into "arbitration" by the home buyers warranty attached to the home at the time of closing. I took this to the appeals court in Atlanta, and was still forced to arbitrate. After 4 yrs, the warranty company insisted on installing an aerobic system even though 2 well known soil scientist demanded that the systems would not work on the property. After the system was installed, it failed within 1 week, but the local county health inspector would not come and investigate the failure. The system was installed in the front yard of my home, and filtered sewage water pooled there at all times. It was told to me by the soil scientist I had hired, that the systems do function that way, and even though your sewage is on top of the ground, it is filtered. I was expected to live with grass growing 2-3 feet each week in Feb, and standing sewage water in my front and side yard for the rest of the time I lived in the home. The local health inspector came and approved the system for the warranty company, and ignored me when I called and told him the alarms on the system had went off and the system had failed. I had not choice but to bankrupt and attempt to start over. I hope, if anyone reads this, they learn something that will help them avoid such a disaster and life altering experience.
I could always afford the home, but could not move the home to land that was fit for it...... which is what arbitration should have done to resolve it.

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