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27,037 active owner financed listings in most US cities.

Owner Financing Forms

Owner Financing Forms  

  • Owner finance real estate contract
  • Owner finance amortization worksheet
  • Lease option (rent-to-own) contract
  • Seller Finance Loan App

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Owner financing BUYERS help category consists of articles about:
  • All aspects of owner financing from the borrower perspective
  • Owner financing misconceptions, pros, and cons 
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1 What is lease to own?
2 What is Owner Financing?
3 Owner Financing is a Win Win
4 How To Transfer a Non-Assumable Mortgage
5 Home Warranty Caution
6 For Sale Or Rent; The Entire Scenery - Firedoglake (blog)
7 ARTICLE: Owner financing comes with benefits and drawbacks (-10 pts)
8 BROKER VIDEO: How Does Owner Financing Work (with more creative terms) ?
9 VIDEO: Lease option scams and how the state of Texas dealt with it (-10 pts)
10 Who we are and what we do...
11 GUIDE: FSBO Guide to Seller Financing - 26 pages (-10 pts)
12 SellFinanced.com Official Press Release
13 BOOKS: Covering creative financing, owner financing, lease option, and real estate investing
14 VIDEO: Owner Finance Guide from the buyers' perspective. (-10 pts)


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