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View buyers who have recently requested to be contacted with seller financed listings in the area specified. To browse all entries by date leave search field blank and click submit, otherwise, select a state.

NOTE: you may sort column headings and navigate to additional page(s) (if any).

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Start typing a city name and our system will perform a live search for buyers in the database. Click on little arrow to browse all cities with buyers in the database. Searching by city is somewhat limited as buyers would typically consider buying in several surrounding cities as well, so perform several city searches at least. Better yet, browse by state above.

Search and preview buyers at no charge.
25 points (equivalent to $5) are required to access each lead and retrieve contact info. If you do not have enough points you will be redirected to buy points at $1 per each 5 point block. Note, you need to be logged in to buy points or access the leads. Create an account? Buy points?
When viewing results click on column headings to sort data by date, city, state, etc,
NOTE: 25 points are "silently" deducted each time you access each lead. To refresh and view your current points balance please reload this page.

Please only contact buyers if you have a property matching the terms specified. Do not solicit or contact buyers for any other purpose, or your access will be banned.

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