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$9900 / Two BR - Mobile homes for sale
posted: 11/03/2017
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$75000- $150000...

$150000- $225000...
$225000- $300000...

OWNER FINANCING TIP #5: When negotiating owner financing terms as a buyer opt for a loan that's assumable. Just imagine if you had to relocate in the future due to a job or any other reason--having an assumable seller financed loan would help you sell the home quicker and possibly for a higher value. The new buyer would simply assume your current mortgage and pay you the difference between the new purchase price and your current loan balance at closing. Make sure you are released from that loan, too. 1

Owner financed properties from nearby classifieds:

owner financing at the BEACH.DELAWARE.BETHANY..
posted: 01/20/2018
$119900 4bd 1400ft2
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Atlanta's favorite lake - Will Owner Finance w/ 1/2 down!!
posted: 01/23/2018
$885000 8bd 4350ft2
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Brookland\CUA 2 bedroom, bright, HVAC and parking
posted: 01/21/2018
$355555 2bd 880ft2
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One Of A Kind Home For Sale in Paw Paw West Virginia!
posted: 01/18/2018
$1199000 2bd 2286ft2
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