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Below are all rent to own homes that we were able to locate in Tucson, AZ. Rent to own is an increasingly popular concept leading to potential home ownership. One advantage to the renter is the monthly rent credit typically offered as part of the lease option agreement, which accumulates over time. In case if the renter cancels the lease purchase agreement landlord can keep the entire accumulated rent-to-own credit amount and down payment. Lease with option to buy (another term for it) is not for everyone. Rent to buy is only recommended for tenants who can potentially qualify for a mortgage during the lease purchase contract period. For more lease option results around Tucson, AZ you may want to explore other areas from the menu on the left.

Four BR Apartment In Tucson. Pet OK!
posted: 06/18/2018
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$1500- $3000...

$3000- $4500...
$4500- $6000...

OWNER FINANCING TIP #1: Owner financing terms are always negotiable. While sellers wish to get the largest possible down payment and interest rate, buyer's goal should generally be the opposite: lower interest rate, smaller down payment, longer term, and preferably no balloon payments. 1

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Amazing East Side Dream Home!!! (Rent to Own)
posted: 10/05/2018
$360000 3bd
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posted: 09/15/2018
$360000 3bd 2100ft2
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